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Your Closet is Missing This Accessory

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

Take a guess. This underrated accessory has recently become a staple for both men and women. It is a versatile piece that compliments any style. People should own at least one of these accessories. It’s functional and fashionable. Have you guessed it yet? Your wardrobe is missing a chain with clips at each end, better known as a glasses chain. Try it out and see how a glasses chain can boost your attire.

Sunglasses Chain and More

There are several uses for a glasses chain. This piece regained popularity in 2020 when people started wearing face masks. Chains used for sunglasses were becoming known as mask chains. Instead of glasses hanging around the neck, face masks were being attached. Even though the main function is to keep glasses and masks nearby, the chain can also be worn as a necklace or bracelet.

Designer Jewelry or Bargain Buy

As more people started wearing this chain accessory, designers took notice. Luxury brands and notable department stores carried different forms of glasses chains. For example, there are multilink chains, beaded strands, corded fibers, leather ropes and more. Some labels that introduced sunglasses chains are Dior, Gucci and Versace. There are plenty of stores and websites that also carry these cords at a low cost. Read the material info or ask for details to learn about the metals used in each piece.

Mixed Chains and Glasses

Accessories are a fun part of fashion since there are so many options. Mix-and-match new chains with all kinds of glasses. Find one chain that fits well with every frame or add a new style to go with each season. There are limitless combinations so continue to update your wardrobe with new glasses and matching chains.

Eyewear in Tucson, Arizona

Optical Image by Dr. Weisman serves Tucson, Arizona with a wide selection of designer eyewear. We are proud to carry a variety of brands and their latest collections. Visit our boutiques and see what’s new in the world of fashion eyewear. Optical Image is located at Tucson Mall, (520) 293-6800, and Park Place Mall, (520) 748-0320. Feel free to call if you are looking for a specific pair of glasses or visit us any day of the week in Tucson, Arizona. Find the right frames and a chain to match too!

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