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Work from Home with Blue Light Glasses

Our work and entertainment are both dominated by screens. Especially after 2020, many jobs are remote or moved to the virtual world. As for entertainment, there are several devices that hold our attention. Adults and children’s eyes are glued to screens of all sizes. The human eye absorbs blue light while watching these screens. Protect your eyes as the world becomes more virtual and follow the rise of blue light glasses.

Blue Light Filter or Blue Light Glasses?

The shortest wavelengths have the most energy. It is important to protect your eyes from blue light because these rays are so powerful. Eyesight can deteriorate with constant exposure to blue light rays. As a defense for these wavelengths, give your eyes a layer of protection. Try blue light glasses. These specs are like any other pair of glasses, but there is an additional coating added to the lenses.

There are plenty of styles and options for blue light lenses. If you regularly wear prescription glasses, add this filter to your lenses. The blue light defense looks no different than anti-glare or any other finish. If you do not wear glasses or you prefer contacts, you may choose to wear non-prescription glasses during screen time.

Trendy Eyewear with Blue Light Defense

No matter what trends come and go for eyewear, optometrists recommend blue light defense. Ask about this special filter when picking out your next pair of glasses. It is advised to buy blue glasses from a reliable optometrist's office. A professional eyecare business can apply anti-glare, scratch-resistant and blue light filters to any pair of glasses.

Optical Image by Dr. Weisman

Dry eye, eyestrains and even macular degeneration results from excessive blue light. Visit your local optometrist if you have questions about the blue light defense. For exceptional eyecare and services, contact Optical Image by Dr. Weisman. Dr. Steven Weisman has been in practice since 1982 and he is one of the top optometrists in Arizona.

Dr. Weisman practices exclusively at his two offices in Tucson, Arizona. He is accepting new patients and offers anti-reflective blue light finishes at his affiliated boutiques. Call (520) 293-6800 to contact Optical Image at the Tucson Mall. You may also call (520)-748-0320 for our office at Park Place Mall. We carry a wide selection of frames and designer eyewear.

Remember to give your eyes routine breaks from blue light and limit screen time for your children. Small actions can save your eyes and provide much relief from powerful rays.

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