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Watch Team USA and Oakley Eyewear During the 2020 Olympics

Photo courtesy of Oakley

The Olympics are back! Even though the 2020 Olympics were postponed, this global event is back with new events, world records and Oakley eyewear. Check out Team USA as they compete against other countries in various sporting events. These Olympians can be seen in Oakley eyewear as they go for the gold. Oakley has introduced new eyewear specifically for Team USA so follow along to see what’s new with Oakley and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Meet the Oakley Kato™ Sunglasses

Team USA features many athletes with great strength and talent. To assist these athletes, Oakley introduces their Kato collection of sports eyewear. The Kato collection is one-of-a-kind because these sunglasses have no frame. The design is made for ultimate performance and a secure fit.

These glasses are made from one lens that wraps around the face. The design includes nose grips that keep the mask-like shades in place. The wraparound style and no-slip grip ensure that athletes can move with confidence. As the official eyewear of Team USA, Oakley introduces the Kato glasses just in time for the Tokyo Olympics.

Photo courtesy of Oakley

Sports Glasses for Olympians

There are plenty of team and individual sports during the summer Olympics. Some sporting events where athletes can be seen in Kato sunglasses or other Oakley styles are beach volleyball, rowing and golf. Another two sports that were added to the Olympics this year are skateboarding and surfing. Oakley researches and develops new eyewear with each of these sports in mind. However, Oakley is not only worn by Olympic athletes.

Oakley at Optical Image by Dr. Weisman

When the Tokyo Olympics come to an end, Oakley is still available for any occasion. Enjoy Oakley eyewear for sports, exercise or even fashion. Optical Image by Dr. Weisman carries a large inventory of Oakley sunglasses. Visit either Optical Image location to see more from Oakley and other brands. For more information, call us at the Tucson Mall, (520) 293-6800, or the Park Place Mall, (520) 748-0320.

Let’s cheer for Team USA and keep your eyes open for any athlete wearing Oakley Kato sunglasses.

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