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Start Your Eyewear Collection with Ray-Ban

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Ray-Ban is an iconic brand with some of the most recognizable glasses known around the world. These glasses have been around since 1937 and they are part of pop culture fame. When looking into Ray-Ban, what style comes to mind? Maybe it’s the reflective Aviator, the fun Wayfarer or the cool Clubmaster. All three of these styles are top-selling glasses and any pair would be a key piece for your collection. Which style will you choose?

Aviator for Military-Inspired Eyewear

Ray-Ban originated as glasses for pilots and military figures. When flying, pilots were being blinded by the sun. The glare was powerful enough to interrupt flights and put US Air Force at risk. Ray-Ban was introduced and successfully blocked the sun. These oversized glasses were designed with anti-glare coating. Today, the style known as Aviator continues to ban sunrays from entering someone’s field of vision. The metal frames are sturdy while the lenses can be worn with different colors and gradients.

Wayfarer for Popular Frames

After the popularity of the Aviator, Ray-Ban continued to design and create more eyewear. While pilots and those inspired by the military wore Aviators, Hollywood picked up the Wayfarer and ran with it. Wayfarer glasses are notorious for their semisquare shape, metal studs and logo script at each temple. From the 1950s and so on, all black Wayfarer has been worn by countless celebrities and influencers. These acetate frames are now available in various colors and patterns.

Keep in mind, all Ray-Ban frames are available as sunglasses and prescription glasses. A prescription can even be added to sunglasses.

Clubmaster for Retro Glasses

Clubmaster frames combine acetate and metal for a sleek style. These glasses are like Wayfarer with some signature details. However, Clubmaster glasses have a thicker browline while the bottom of the lenses is trimmed with metal wire. This frame is inspired by optical styles from the 1950s, but today they are worn as sunglasses and eyeglasses. There are plenty of ways to mix-and-match the Clubmaster. Choose different metal tones and hues for the acetate.

Ray-Ban at Optical Image by Dr. Weisman

Ray-Ban has been around since the ’30s and it is extremely well known. Be aware of very similar styles that try to recreate these frames. They may have some similarities, but the quality cannot compare. For genuine Aviator, Wayfarer and Clubmaster glasses, visit Optical Image by Dr. Weisman. Our boutiques in Tucson, Arizona carry these glasses and many more by Ray-Ban. We also carry Ray-Ban eyewear for kids.

Visit us at Tucson Mall or Park Place Mall for expert eye exams and luxury eyewear. Call (520) 293-6800 to reach us at the Tucson Mall. For our office at Park Place Mall, call (520) 748-0320. Add another pair of glasses to your wardrobe or start your eyewear collection today. Ray-Ban is a staple for any collection.

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