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Celebrate Your Spring Break with Maui Jim

Updated: Aug 10, 2020


Imagine living your life on a Hawaiian island. Think of the bright blues from the water along with the rainbow of colors from nature. This is the culture that Maui Jim creates with their sunglasses. Polarized technology enhances the colors of your view while keeping you protected from the sun. Bring a piece of Hawaii to your spring break trip and experience the “Maui Filter.”

Same Colors, New Lenses

Maui Jim brings Hawaii to the rest of the world with their Maui Filter. This filter comes from the signature PolarizedPlus2® technology that coats the lenses. Every color you see is enhanced. Instead of an overexposed or dull sight, even the small details are highlighted. Remember, the PolarizedPlus2® lenses also save your eyes from powerful UV rays. These sunglasses offer full protection with fashionable frames.

Practice Eye Health in Style

Spring break is a popular time to travel since the warm weather picks up. Pack a pair of Maui Jim sunglasses and get the most out of your spring break adventure. Even if you plan to stay home, wear your sunglasses when spending any time outdoors. Check out any of the Maui Jim collections to see the various styles from this brand. Find several frames such as rimless, cat eye, shield-shaped, or customize your own pair. Enjoy all the benefits of these sunglasses while celebrating in the sun.

Share the #MauiFilter

When you discover the Maui Filter, share what you see! Maui Jim uses compare-and-contrast photos to show the difference this technology makes. Any activity you wear your glasses for is improved with this quality eyewear. Search #MauiFilter on any social media site, like Instagram or Facebook, and see how others are wearing their sunglasses. If you’re enjoying your own view, take a selfie and share that photo too.


Maui Jim in Tucson, Arizona

Optical Image by Dr. Weisman is proud to partner with Maui Jim for special events and promotions. For past National Sunglasses Days, Optical Image offered free Maui Jim T-Shirts with your purchase. If you’re interested in a new pair of sunglasses for the spring, call either of our offices. We carry glasses from several of Maui Jim’s collections. For our boutique at Tucson Mall, call 520-293-6800 or 520-748-0320 for the Park Place Mall. Say “Aloha” to Maui Jim and happy spring break!

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