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Is It Safe to Visit the Eye Doctor During a Pandemic?

New information may feel overwhelming as doctors and scientists learn more about COVID-19. It can be difficult to follow all guidelines and safety precautions. Especially for everyday occurrences, citizens are being asked to make changes and adapt to these circumstances. COVID-19 is a serious concern, but the community can stay safe while visiting essential businesses. Follow along to see how eye doctors and their staff are protecting patients even during a pandemic.

Eye Exams and Appointments

It is best to understand the pandemic and what really causes the spread of COVID-19. Droplets from one person to another is a common way the virus travels. Offices may limit the number of people that enter the building. Call or check online to see if your optician has specific appointment instructions. Some locations accept walk-in appointments while others prefer to schedule meetings in advance.

Clean Equipment and Frames

Essential businesses are providing guests with great care. Optometry is a valued service so patients deserve to be safe. A safe environment starts with clean materials and surfaces. Sample frames are commonly available when choosing a new pair of glasses. These frames are sterilized and completely cleaned after each use. Shared areas are sanitized so visitors can feel comfortable during their exams.

Optician and Patient Communication

When meeting with the eye doctor, it is most likely the physician will have their own personal protective equipment (PPE). Doctors wear face masks, face shields and even gloves. Since droplets may enter the body through eyes, the PPE is a safeguard. Before leaving the optometrist, feel free to ask questions and bring up any concerns regarding your vision. Patients should have a clear understanding of their eye health.

Safe Eye Exams in Tucson, Arizona

Vision and eye care are an important part of everyday life. A person’s overall health is also a concern to their optometrist. For a safe visit and expert eye exam, visit Optical Image by Dr. Weisman. Optical Image has two locations in Tucson, Arizona. Dr. Steven Weisman is available at the Tucson Mall and Park Place Mall. We are proud to serve Tucson and the surrounding area with essential eye care services. Call today if you have questions about our COVID-19 procedures. Call (520) 293-6800 to speak with our team at Tucson Mall or call (520) 748-0320 to reach us at Park Place Mall.

Optical Image by Dr. Weisman is accepting new patients and fully stocked with designer eyewear. Stay safe and don’t forget about your annual eye exam.

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