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A Quick and Easy Way to Heal Your Dry Eyes

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Take dry eyes seriously. The occasional pain and symptoms you're experiencing are more dangerous than you think. Having dry eyes includes minor irritation, but it also accounts for chronic dry eye disease. Even though dry eyes are common in Tucson, they don't have to be. Heal your dry eyes today with this quick and easy method... The Eye Doctor - Hot Eye Compress For the most reliable dry eye treatment, contact your doctor or a local optometrist. Dr. Steven Weisman of Optical Image recommends an easy at-home treatment for dry eyes relief. A quick way to ease dry eyes and similar symptoms is with a hot eye compress. There are plenty of hot compresses for eyes available online and in Tucson, but Dr. Weisman recommends a hot eye compress from The Eye Doctor.

Not only does this compress heal your eye redness, burning pain and sensitivity to light, but it is a safe, everyday pain relief for home. Don't worry about driving to your doctor or neighborhood urgent care when a hot eye compress can ease your pain away in minutes. Relax Away Your Dry Eyes Pain The Eye Doctor's hot eye compress is one of the simplest ways to heal your eye irritation. All you have to do is wear the hot eye compress and relax. For the best results, keep your eye compress clean and follow the proper heating instructions. Your optometrist or any of our Optical Image representatives can answer your questions.

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Clean, Comfortable and Microwave-Safe Compress When you suffer from dry eyes, your normal routine gets complicated. That's why this warm compress by The Eye Doctor keeps things simple. This compress is safe for the microwave and oven so you can start relaxing right away. When your eyes start feeling better, toss the washable cover into the washing machine for next time.

Your stress and dry eyes will disappear after a few uses. This hot eye compress incorporates BodyBeads which gives this eye mask extra comfort and makes massaging even more enjoyable. Relax with your hot eye compress after work, before bed or anytime your eyes feel extra dry. Optical Image by Dr. Weisman The Eye Doctor hot eye compress is sold at Optical Image by Dr. Weisman in Tucson, Arizona. We have this compress available at our Tucson Mall and Park Place Mall boutiques. If you're experiencing dry eyes or a similar sensation, stop by for a walk-in appointment. Dr. Weisman is an award-winning optometrist and accepting new patients. Visit us at Tucson Mall or call (520) 293-6800 to schedule your appointment. For our Park Place Mall office, call (520) 748-0320.

Eliminate dry eye symptoms and relax away from the pain. This hot eye compress is ready when you are and available today!

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