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Your Preview into 2020 Eyewear

As the year and decade come to an end, start looking into new fashions and eyewear. See select styles gain more popularity and attention during 2020. There are slight variations from 2019 eyewear and some fashions that are brand new. Check out these three eyewear trends that are predicted to shine in 2020.

Barely There, Transparent Eyewear

Transparent frames are here to stay. The colorless frames are available in several shapes and sizes. Wear the transparent plastic as a rounded, circular style or large and square shape. These glasses are versatile and easy to wear with any wardrobe.

On a similar note, nude and lighter shades are also trendy for 2020. Transparent and nude-tone glasses are from futuristic influences. These low-key glasses are must-have eyewear for those who like fashionable frames.

Thin, Wire-Like Glasses

Another style that works when you want to mix-and-match your clothes is thinner metal frames. This trend resembles metal wire and a slim look. See the thin metal frames with aviator and round lenses. Since the frames are so slim, this trend works for all settings and occasions. Feel free to wear the lighter eyewear for work, nightlife or vacations.

Some designers create thinner frames with precious metals like gold and titanium. To enhance this style, look for luxury brands and see what they offer for slim styles.

Go Wild for Animal-Print Frames

Animal print of all kinds has gained popularity during fall and winter 2019. This trend will continue in 2020 with eyewear. Look for tortoiseshell and leopard print as some of the leading styles. There are more colors and hues available as well.

Try something new like blue, purple or green shades. These acetate frames stand out with animal print and fun colors. Tortoiseshell is a classic pattern, but look for more styles like leopard and zebra print.

2020 Eyewear in Tucson Arizona

More fashions will appear with each season. These three eyewear trends are only a preview into 2020. For styles like these or other frames, visit Optical Image by Dr. Weisman. Optical Image carries luxury eyewear in Tucson, Arizona. Find famous designers and explore the latest eyewear collections. Both locations, Tucson Mall (520) 293-6800 and Park Place Mall (520) 748-0320, offer a wide variety of sunglasses and optical frames.

Happy New Year from Optical Image by Dr. Weisman!

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