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Gear Up for the NFL Season with Oakley

It’s time for the NFL 2020-2021 season! Welcome back to all the fans, players and sponsors. Even with the COVID-19 pandemic, football is ready to go. Each team is taking special precautions with their players and staff. Temperature checks, social distancing and masks are a common part of this season. For better protection on the field, Oakley is offering NFL players a mouth shield. Let’s explore their new development for the NFL and more from Oakley eyewear.

Oakley Visors and Mouth Shields

As an official on-field partner of the NFL, Oakley provides players with visors for their helmets. Visors have several uses on the football field. This attachment saves players from scratches, pokes to the eye and sunlight. Football shields by Oakley are specially molded and mounted for a perfect fit. Even with rough hits and debris from the field, players have a clear view of the game.

With input from NFL players, Oakley has designed a mouth shield to pair with football visors. Since COVID-19 is spread through droplets, this shield acts as an on-field mask. Players come in close contact with each other on every play. Even though teams cannot social distance during games, masks can save the league from a coronavirus outbreak.

Oakley Sports Eyewear

Oakley eyewear is worn among many types of athletes. Oakley is a popular choice for football, baseball, cycling, fishing, golf, surfing and snow sports. The reflective lenses and goggles that come in multiple colors are signature to this brand. Oakley eyewear is adorned with the large “O” emblem at each temple. These glasses are designed with every sport in mind.

Sunglasses and eyewear should improve an athlete’s field of vision. That’s why Oakley is always looking to evolve and improve their collections. It’s a benefit when protective eyewear can be fashionable too. Athletes often wear this brand during their everyday lives and when competing. Oakley is a leader for sports eyewear and a trendy choice for leisure.

Oakley at Optical Image by Dr. Weisman

As the NFL season approaches and the weather cools down, it’s time to get active. Even during a pandemic, sports are a form of exercise and entertainment. Find a pair of Oakley eyewear that fits any lifestyle. Optical Image by Dr. Weisman is proud to carry Oakley. Our boutiques are fully stocked at Tucson Mall and Park Place Mall. Visit us at Tucson Mall or call 520-293-6800. To contact our location at Park Place Mall, call 520-748-0320. We are open every day and here with essential services.

Enjoy the return of football and stay safe.

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