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Meet Oliver Peoples Eyewear

Oliver Peoples Eyewear combines LA culture with American inspirations
Courtesy of Oliver Peoples Eyewear

There’s a true art to achieving popularity without boasting your brand name. Oliver Peoples always strives to make their frames about fashion and not labels. It’s the attention-to-detail and heritage that drives this company. Oliver Peoples Eyewear combines LA culture with American inspirations. Fashion from several decades is also reflected in these eyewear collections. So, meet Oliver Peoples and see what styles catch your eye.

Eyewear Estate to Mainstream

Even though Oliver Peoples is headquartered in West Hollywood, the goal was never to be flashy. You won’t find bold-print logos or monograms on this eyewear. The brand is originally based on estate pieces. The designs today still depend on classic styles and architecture of the frames.

When Oliver Peoples first started in the late 1980s, the eyewear sold itself. Instead of pushing out heavy branding, the quality and vintage approach made an impact on LA shoppers. It was like reintroducing these optical and sunglass styles to the public.

From Prototype to Finished Frame

Since quality is a top priority for Oliver Peoples, the craftsmanship is key. The entire process is handled with great time and care. The initial phase is all about crafting a flawless prototype. The design is altered and edited until the ideal frame is born. Entire eyewear collections go through this same procedure.

After creating the prototype, replicas of this model are manufactured in Italy or Japan. The frames are hand-inspected at each step to ensure the best results. Pieces are tumbled for the desired texture then polished by hand. Oliver Peoples treats their eyewear like fine jewelry. Quality is a must.

Oliver Peoples at Tucson, Arizona

Over time, Oliver Peoples has gained more and more popularity, all through their classic designs. This eyewear is seen in fashion magazines and even on the street for daily wear. If you want to see more from Oliver Peoples, visit Optical Image by Dr. Weisman. Optical Image is your local boutique for luxury eyewear in Tucson, Arizona.

Meet Oliver Peoples or catch up with this brand at either of our locations. Call (520) 293-6800 for the Tucson Mall or (520) 748-0320 for Park Place Mall. Optical Image by Dr. Weisman is proud to carry Oliver Peoples Eyewear.

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