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Better Ways to Wear Makeup with Your Glasses

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Makeup adds highlights and accents to our natural beauty. Even when you wear your glasses, cosmetics are a part of your overall look. When you wear glasses and makeup at the same time, remember your makeup must radiate through the lenses. To find the perfect balance between your eyewear and cosmetic products, follow these beauty techniques.

No-Slip Foundation and Frames

The first thing you need when applying your daily makeup is a foundation. There are liquid and powder foundations available at most drugstores and makeup counters. Wear a powder foundation whenever you are wearing your glasses. Since your frames are resting under your eyes and above your cheeks, wear a powder foundation that stays in place. Liquid foundations are more likely to smear throughout the day. If your powder foundation is slipping, your glasses may need refitting or a small adjustment.

Focus on the Eyes and Brows

Your eye makeup needs extra attention whenever you wear your glasses. The lenses that improve our vision also lie directly over our eyes. So, give your eyelids and eyebrows the attention they deserve. Fill your eyebrows in with a color somewhat darker than your natural brow. This beauty tip gives the eyebrows shape while also framing the face.

For the eyelids, feel free to mix and match your colors. Women can change their look every day by simply wearing different makeup or applying their eyeshadow in a new way. Balance is the secret of any makeup style. Use your cosmetics to balance the focus between your eyes and eyewear. Stick to nude and pale eyeshadows for work or business. A hint of shimmer keeps your professional look classy, yet interesting. Try brighter colors for your days off or special events. There are endless eyeshadow combinations and the weekends are your time to test them.

Finish the Look with Your Lips

Again, it’s all about balance. Your face is set with foundation, your brows are full and your eyelids are colorful. Now finish your makeup with the lips. If you have thicker frames, try a bold color that stands out. A softer lip color works well if you have glasses with thin or metal frames. Feel free to add eyeliner, mascara and blush, depending on the occasion. To complete your look, put your glasses on and you’re ready to go with beautiful makeup.

New Makeup for New Glasses

Your glasses are an accessory and your makeup is an accent. Use cosmetics to change your look even when the eyewear is the same. As you add new frames to your collection, your makeup skills will grow too. Find fashionable frames and designer brands at Optical Image by Dr. Weisman. Both Optical Image locations have the newest eyewear available in Tucson, Arizona. Call 520-293-6800 for our Tucson Mall boutique or call 520-748-0320 for Optical Image at Park Place Mall. Our staff will introduce you to the latest glasses fit for every makeup trend, only at Optical Image by Dr. Weisman.

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