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See How Luxury Jewelry and Watches Influence Cartier Eyewear

Cartier is a French brand, well known for their luxury jewelry and wristwatches. Since 1847, the Maison has designed fine pieces with the most precious materials. Find Cartier accessories in yellow, white and even pink gold. Also look for the signature accents from each collection. Cartier is a superior label for high jewelry, watches and eyewear. Their creativity and attention to detail is seen in every collection and product. Read on to learn more about Cartier’s artistry and elegant eyewear…

Matching Frames and Wristwatches

It all starts with a silhouette. Whether it’s a watch head or frame, the shape is a distinct element in each collection. For example, the Santos de Cartier collection includes mostly square watches. The boxy cases are also paired with screw-like details at the bezel. The same screw motifs are seen with Santos de Cartier eyewear. Notice rectangular frames or an aviator shape with a double-brow bar.

Embrace the Panther Logo

The signature “C” and panther are special to Cartier. Both these emblems are present in the jewelry, watches and glasses. Panthere de Cartier sunglasses are available in various shapes, but every pair has the panther at each temple. Eyewear from the Panthere de Cartier collection is heavily inspired by the panther logo and the bejeweled watches. These timepieces are sleek and embellished with diamonds or mixed metals.

Panthere de Cartier

The “C” or double-C logo is embossed across several collections. Notably, the Premiere de Cartier collection shows off the “C” insignia at the arms. Even with colored lenses and different styles, the C logo remains the same. High polish and metal finishes coat the C logo and rivet details.

Cartier Eyewear at Optical Image

Cartier is a luxury brand, now available in Tucson, Arizona. If you want to see these collections in person, visit Optical Image by Dr. Weisman. We are proud to carry Cartier eyewear at both our boutiques in Tucson. Visit our location at Tucson Mall or call 520-293-6800. You may also call 520-748-0320 or find us at Park Place Mall. Whether you are familiar with Cartier or new to the brand, we are happy to help! Cartier eyewear fits for special occasions or everyday use. Choose from one of the signature collections above and enjoy your Cartier eyewear.

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