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Live like a Legend with Versace Eyewear

Versace is a global brand for luxury fashion, including optical and sunglasses. Starting in 1978, the late Gianni Versace lead the way for his company with glamorous designs and iconic logos. Between the Medusa head, signature “V” and maze motif, there is no missing anything made by this bold brand. Discover the legend of these emblems and how they fit with Versace eyewear. Keep in mind, Versace is popular around the world and a permanent part of pop culture.

Versace Virtus Glasses

It all starts with a name. Gianni Versace named his fashion maison after himself and his family’s surname. After his passing in 1997, Versace’s sister, Donatella became the artistic director for the company. Today, many pieces still pay tribute to their family name. Look for the V-shaped hardware in the Virtus Collection. The “V” symbol is front and center on handbags and placed at the temples for sunglasses.

All Eyes on Medusa

Even though the brand has Italian roots, the Versace label is heavily influenced by Greek culture and folklore. The company’s logo features Medusa. Her silhouette graces plenty of collections by Versace. Medusa is a mythological character famous for her hair made of serpents and her ability to turn people into stone. In the world of fashion, Medusa is seen as a powerful woman. A strong logo is only fit for a distinct brand like Versace.

The Keys to Versace Eyewear

Along with the “V” and Medusa head is a Greek key pattern. Greek keys encircle the Medusa head of the company’s logo. Sometimes this pattern is referred to as a maze. The maze motif also stands on its own Versace VE2140 glasses are embossed with the Greek keys at the brow bar. The keys also decorate temples down to the endpieces of other glasses.

Versace in Tucson, Arizona

People may have a favorite, but each of the Versace emblems is iconic. Whether it’s the Greek key, Virtus “V” or Medusa head, shop Versace eyewear. Optical Image by Dr. Weisman carries Versace optical and sunglasses. Our boutiques offer frames with each of the Versace symbols. If you’re looking for something specific, give us a call. Contact our shop at the Tucson Mall and call (520) 293-6800. You may also call (520) 748-0320 to reach us at the Park Place Mall. Start living like a legend with Versace eyewear.

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