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Meet Jean-François Rey and his Family of Eyewear

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Photo courtesy of Maison Jean-Francois Rey

Artists live and breathe for their work. Every piece reflects the artist’s dedication and passion. Jean-François Rey is a French designer who grew up in the eyewear industry. Even though he was born into this line-of-work, J.F. Rey fully embraces the family business. He continues to create new frames and influences the world with his art. J.F. Rey uses his experience and creativity to think outside the box. As fashion evolves, so does his collections and different eyewear labels. Meet each brand from Jean-François Rey…

J.F. REY Presents Urban Frames

The J.F. REY label adopts Jean-François Rey’s namesake and beliefs. Some of his greatest influences include runway fashion, modern architecture and other cultures like Japan. Not only is Jean-François designing the frames, but his wife is a big help too. Joelle has served as the art director and works closely with her husband. Jean-François handles the business side and creative team while Joelle selects colors, materials and suppliers. Together, the couple creates acetate and metal glasses for J.F. REY Eyewear.

This brand also has labels for kids and teens, petite frames and throwback styles. If you love the ‘80s, try something from the 1985 Collection. For women with slender faces, the Petite Collection has smaller sizes. The frames are mature and modern, but a size down for the right fit. You can also find even smaller pairs of glasses for the kids and teenagers in your life. J.F. REY has a wide variety of eyewear accessories.

Bold Glasses from BOZ

As Jean-François grew up, his father let him design his own eyewear collections. For BOZ Eyewear, Joelle, Jean-François’ wife, was the one creating her own collection. Glasses under the BOZ label feature plenty of color, graphics and details. This label uses plenty of color for the framework and lenses. These styles are both bold and elegant so they work for any occasion. Have fun while wearing your glasses or sunglasses. Every model is different so you have many options.

Couture Eyewear from VOLTE FACE

There’s no denying how important eyewear is for our vision. This accessory is becoming even more important for fashion and runways. VOLTE FACE embodies fine apparel and couture eyewear. Glasses from this sublabel are feminine, artsy and haute. Most of these frames are made of acetate and inspired by decorative jewelry. VOLTE FACE models were designed in Paris, France so every pair is glamorous and chic.

Affordable Sunglasses from SKY EYES

IF you want fun and fashionable sunglasses at the right price, look no further than the SKY EYES label. These shades give you the best of both worlds. Find a new look that won’t leave you hanging. Mix-and-match colors to find your favorite frames and sunglass lenses. SKY EYES Sunglasses set the tone for a good time.

J.F. REY Eyewear at Optical Image

Jean-François always loved eyewear design. His passion and work are combined to form J.F. REY Eyewear and his other brands. Dr. Steven Weisman of Tucson, Arizona also has a passion for his career. As one of the top optometrists of Tucson, he is proud to serve the city with luxury eyewear. Find J.F. REY and other designers at Optical Image by Dr. Weisman.

Our boutiques at Tucson Mall and Park Place Mall host trunk shows to feature designer eyewear like BOZ, VOLTE FACE and SKY EYES. Call today if you’d like to meet with Dr. Weisman or see our latest arrivals. To reach us at Tucson Mall, call (520) 293-6800 or call (520) 748-0320 if you prefer the Park Place Mall. With so many glasses to choose from, we’d love to introduce you to J.F. REY Eyewear, a fearless brand that continues to grow.

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