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How Safe Are Contacts?

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

The biggest problem with contacts is not the devices themselves, but the people that wear them. A study from the centers for disease control and prevention in the U.S. found that nearly a million visits to the doctor each year relate to eye infections from contact lenses. The most serious eye infection is keratitis caused by bacteria and other organisms that affect the cornea.

Considering that eyes are so precious it is surprising that 45% of people don't wash their hands before putting in or taking out their lenses. Studies suggest that infections occur due to people ignoring their optician's instructions. You need to always wash your hands before handling your contacts. Also, it is a NO-NO, never use saliva on your contacts. Rinse your contacts off with a solution and always store contacts in a clean case. Rinse the contact lens storage case off with soap and warm water and try to air dry. Then place a clean solution in the case for every use. If your eyes hurt, blurry or have any doubt, take your lenses out and come to Dr. Weisman at Optical Image, to be checked. Always have an extra pair of glasses as a standby.

At Optical Image by Dr. Weisman, you will find a staff that is well educated on contacts. There are many contact choices depending on your prescription. But most importantly, you need to be properly fit, educated on putting the contacts in your eyes, and taking care of your contacts. At Optical Image, our staff is educated and patient for all your contact lens needs.

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