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How Do Athletes Protect Their Eyes From Sports Injuries?

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Sports are a group and individual activity that many start during their youth and continue until adulthood. However, with sports come sports injuries. Athletes are always at risk of sports-related injuries. Even the eyes are vulnerable to sports injuries. So, as an athlete, you need to know the best way to protect your eyes, depending on the type of sport you play. Here’s how to protect your eyes from sports injuries if you play football, basketball or baseball.

How to Protect Your Eyes When Playing Football

Football is easily one of the most popular sports. It is also one of the most physical sports. Football is a contact sport so players wear plenty of equipment to protect them. For example, football players wear helmets with protective padding, chinstrap and visor. Every piece of equipment is meant to protect players from direct hits to the ground or from other players.

As one player runs into another, a football visor protects their eyes from scratches or even a poke to the eye. A football visor is also helpful in blocking sunlight and any dirt or grass from entering the eyes. Talk to your optometrist if you are interested in adding your prescription to a football visor. This is another perk to wearing a visor when playing football. Your football visor can protect your eyes and help you see at the same time.

How to Protect Your Eyes When Playing Basketball

Unlike football, basketball players do not wear additional equipment with their uniforms. Basketball is becoming more aggressive and physical so, players must keep up with their sport. Since there is less gear for basketball players, the eyes and face are exposed to fractures, abrasions and other types of sports injuries.

Direct contact in basketball happens quickly because these athletes are always moving. It is difficult to protect your eyes during the basketball season. Continue with your normal eye care routine, especially if you wear contacts. If you suffer from a severe sports eye injury consider wearing a plastic face mask while your eyes heal. A face mask protects basketball players while they recover from nose injuries or even an injury to their orbital eye socket.

How to Protect Your Eyes When Playing Baseball

During baseball games, players are either in the field or in the batting box. So, there are two different types of eyewear protection for baseball players. Unlike a basketball or a football, there is no air in a baseball and the ball travels at much faster speeds than any other sport. A baseball will easily injure players with a direct hit.

When players are up to bat, they are required to wear a helmet. In professional baseball, pitchers are throwing the ball at speeds close to 100 mph. So, your helmet should also include a faceguard. Faceguards are similar to what catchers wear, but they also attach to helmets for a player’s safety when batting. If there is a wild pitch thrown to the batter, the faceguard will protect their eyes from a sports injury. In softball, some pitchers even wear a face mask to protect their eyes as well.

Baseball players should also be ready in the field. Many baseball fields are in open venues so the sun is a threat too. There are special types of sunglasses that players can wear to keep sunlight and glare out of their eyes. During your next visit to the optometrist, see what your doctor recommends for the best protection on the field.

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