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Trendy Eyewear from New York Fashion Week – September 2019

September is a full month of fashion. Each week in September is dedicated to fashion shows across the world. It all starts with New York Fashion Week. Elite designers introduce their upcoming collections for the next year. Even though looks for Spring/Summer 2020 were on the runway, there were plenty of fall styles on display. Check out some of the popular choices for eyewear during NYFW

Hit the Streets with Reflective Sunglasses

Let your sunglasses shine and compliment your overall look. For NYFW, street style is a major influence for many fashion show attendees. Reflective sunglasses protect you from the sun and add a bit of mystery to your profile. Conceal your eyes with a gleaming pair of shades. Try any shape or color of lens. Take your evening gown or dressy suit to the streets with any kind of reflective eyewear. This accessory prepares you for any street in NYC.

Small Geometric Frames for an Edgy Ensemble

Some of the edgiest trends are inspired by street style. Geometric frames stand out from other eyewear because of the sharp corners and unique shape. A pointed pair of glasses is more intense when compact into a smaller size. A barely-there accent can take your outfit to the next level. Keep at least one small pair of sunglasses in your wardrobe. Instead of a bright color or polished lens, it’s all about the shape when you wear these glasses.

Visor Sunglasses Look into the Future

During NYFW, visor sunglasses have gained more popularity. This futuristic eyewear can be worn with even the most low-key and comfortable clothes. Your eyes get full coverage usually with a high-polish lens. Visor sunglasses are similar to shield-shaped frames. The sleek and narrow style is what resembles future-inspired fashion.

From NYC to Tucson, AZ

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See what’s trending in the next couple weeks as fashion shows continue in London, Milan and Paris.

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