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New Eyewear from Fashion Month – February 2020

Get ready for spring collections and new trends for designer eyewear. February is a busy month in the fashion industry. Designers host fashion shows and present their work to the world. As the final fashion week comes to an end for February 2020, let’s admire the new styles from New York, London, Milan and Paris. Here are some of the upcoming spring fashions for 2020 eyewear…

Tinted Sunglasses for the Spring

Pastels and bright colors are common during the springtime. Look for these same hues in eyewear and sunglasses. Tinted lenses can enhance your wardrobe and help you transition into the new season. Tinted sunglasses are seen on the runway by several designers like Gucci, Burberry and others. Feel free to wear these colors with large frames or smaller styles. It’s all about the colors for spring 2020.

Show Off with Oversized Frames

Small geometric frames were more popular in the previous fall and winter months. Now, it’s time to show off the big glasses and sunglasses. Versace and Tom Ford both featured oversized sunglasses during New York Fashion Week and Milan Fashion Week. Try an oversized frame in any color or shape. Square, round and even aviators are trendy for larger frames. Some oversized glasses also feature embellishments and jewels. Find several pairs to mix-and-match with your favorite ready-to-wear collections.

Chains for Eyewear and Sunglasses

Another trendy look for spring 2020 is sunglasses straps. Instead of hanging your glasses, these chains and straps act as an accessory. See several guests with sunglasses chains during Milan Fashion Week. Dolce & Gabbana even presented their own eyewear with chains and dangles as added decoration. Whether it’s box chains, beaded straps or other links, you’ll want at least one chain for your eyewear this year.

Fashion Month in Tucson, Arizona

If you can’t make it to New York, London, Milan or Paris, shop these designs at your local boutique. Optical Image by Dr. Weisman carries designer eyewear in Tucson, Arizona. We love these new trends and anything eyewear. Visit us today if you’d like to see more from these fashion shows and famous brands. Call our boutique at Tucson Mall, (520) 293-6800, or Park Place Mall, (520) 748-0320. Our staff can help you find a specific pair of glasses or answer your questions.

Enjoy spring 2020 and the fun fashions too!

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