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Discover the Finest Eyewear from Andy Wolf

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Photo courtesy of Andy Wolf Eyewear

When creating something as important as eyewear, look for products that are crafted with technique and concentration. Andy Wolf Eyewear delivers fine-crafted glasses from Austria. Their eyewear comes from high-quality materials and manufacturing. Even the smallest differences give Andy Wolf eyewear their own identity and feeling. Discover your next pair of glasses with handmade eyewear by Andy Wolf.

Handcrafted Foreign Frames

Designers that own every process of their manufacturing have more control over the final product. In order to make the luxury frames unique to Andy Wolf Eyewear, every step takes place in Austria. Technicians are trained in crafting the frames and evaluating each pair. Andy Wolf employees are experienced and educated in state-of-the-art technologies. Even though pieces are handmade, technology is utilized when necessary. From the initial sketch to the last inspection, skilled technicians ensure the frames are of Andy Wolf's quality.

Optical Technology and Technique

Basic designs are improved with digital programs until they are ready for production. Italian acetate is specially sourced along with thin metals to give each frame a solid reinforcement. Andy Wolf technicians use advanced machines for the most accurate cuts, molds and grinding. Every element is vital to making this fine-crafted eyewear. Between the experienced employees, fine materials and leading technology, these glasses are a true luxury.

Handmade Eyewear with You in Mind

Once the outline of the frames is cut, it’s time to polish and shine. These pieces are polished with precious marble and bamboo for a comfortable feel and shiny effect. Between each step, frames are evaluated over and over again. Andy Wolf employees check for the qualities that matter most to their customers. The feel, fit, shape, weight and appearance are key to stylish glasses. Even the hinges are placed with great care and precision. After every step and inspection, the frames are sent out across the world to first-class optical offices.

Andy Wolf Eyewear at Optical Image by Dr. Weisman

You’ll find Andy Wolf Eyewear along with other designers at Optical Image by Dr. Weisman. With two locations, Dr. Weisman serves Tucson, Arizona with expert eye care and fashionable frames. For a closer look at Andy Wolf Eyewear, visit Optical Image today. Both boutiques are open every day and conveniently located at Tucson Mall and Park Place Mall. Our team is available at (520) 293-6800 for Tucson Mall and (520) 748-0320 for our office at Park Place Mall. Feel the fine quality and craftsmanship of Andy Wolf Eyewear, handmade in Austria.

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