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Upgrade Your Eyewear for National Sunglasses Day

It’s a national holiday all for the sake of UV protection. Even though National Sunglasses Day is meant to bring awareness, people can always celebrate in good fun. There are many ways to commemorate this holiday. This year, do something special for National Sunglasses Day. Give any pair of sunglasses an extra boost. Add your prescription to some shades and enjoy your glasses throughout the summer.

Glasses for Style and Convenience

Summertime activities can get complicated for those who wear contacts or prescription eyewear. People find ways to protect their eyes through watersports, pool parties and beach days. This usually includes swimming without glasses or contact lenses. Another way people manage is by stacking sunglasses over everyday eyewear. Yes, these methods work, but imagine a much easier way. Prescription sunglasses eliminate all the worry.

Enjoy the sun and water in a safe way. Prescription sunglasses are more convenient since they withstand water, shield from the sun and look great. Stay trendy and don’t let anything interrupt the summer fun.

UV Protection for Eyes and Skin

There’s no doubt that too much sun can damage the eyes and skin. During the summer, people are grabbing for sunscreen and shades. Remember to keep your eyes guarded during intense heat. The powerful UV rays can lead to the onset of eye diseases like macular degeneration. The skin around the eyes is very sensitive since it is so thin. This skin is also vulnerable to sunburn and skin cancer in some cases. Along with hats and sunblock, prescription sunglasses are another way to protect yourself from the sun.

An Easy Add-On for Sunglasses

Think about adding your prescription to a new pair of sunglasses. If not a new pair, bring in your favorite shades for an upgrade. Flex spending accounts (FSA) will often pay for this addition. Visit your local optician if you’re due for an eye exam. If you have your prescription on hand, stop by an eyewear boutique that offers full service for glasses repair and specialties.

Prescription Sunglasses in Tucson, Arizona

Celebrate healthy eyes and wear your shades for National Sunglasses Day. Especially in a warm part of the country, sunglasses are an everyday accessory. Optical Image by Dr. Weisman is proud to celebrate National Sunglasses Day. Our team is fully dedicated to serving Tucson, Arizona with excellent service and care. Call (520) 293-6800 to speak with someone from our boutique at Tucson Mall. To reach our office at Park Place Mall, call (520) 748-0320. Whether your sunglasses are for fashion or UV protection, make sure you wear them.

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