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Enjoy Summer 2020 Sunglasses

Get ready for the summertime! Spring is full of warm weather, but the heat picks up even more during summer. As restrictions for COVID-19 begin to lessen, more activities are available. Enjoy local parks and other outdoor adventures. While spending more time outside, have a pair of sunglasses nearby. The sun shines longer and brighter during the summer months. Try these upcoming styles and trends for summer 2020. Sunglasses protect your eyes, but they can be stylish too.

All White Frames

There are no rules in fashion. Feel free to wear your favorite colors during any season. However, white accessories seem to glow more in the summertime. Invest in a pair of all-white sunglasses. This accessory matches with any outfit and feel free to wear these glasses all summer long. Find an acetate frame in whatever shape you prefer. The solid white aesthetic is a classic look. The beginning of 2020 brought in nude and transparent frames. For summer, step outside the box and give these white sunglasses a try.

Sunglasses Chains

Mixed chains are another trend for summer 2020. These chains are an added piece to sunglasses and eyewear. It is a different way to stand out and customize your summer wardrobe. This is a sunglasses trend continuing from the spring. There are beaded styles, thin chains and even acetate links.

Boost any pair of sunglasses with this extra piece. In the past, glasses chains were more for keeping reading glasses handy. Instead of wearing a necklace, simply wear some sunglasses and attach a chain. These attachments allow your sunglasses to hang, but they also give any outfit an extra sparkle.

Tinted and Colored Lenses

See the summer through tinted and colored lenses. This look picked up in the spring, will continue through summer and carry on into the fall. For spring, more lenses were in light and pastel colors. During the summer, neon and bright colors will emerge. Try colorful lenses for metal frames or plastic glasses.

As summer ends, brown-tones and darker hues will return. Lenses range through all colors. It’s more about the tint so try any sunglasses shape. From aviators to oversized frames, combine a colored lens with any framework. Mix-and-match any summer outfit with colorful lenses.

Summer Sunglasses in Tucson, Arizona

Glasses and sunglasses are essential, especially in warmer parts of the country. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Optical Image by Dr. Weisman has remained open for our community. We are proud to serve Tucson, Arizona and the surrounding areas. Luxury eyewear and expert eyecare are available at Tucson Mall and Park Place Mall. Both our offices are open with proper cleanliness and sanitation procedures.

Start summer 2020 with a new pair of shades. Find these trendy sunglasses at Optical Image by Dr. Weisman. Our staff is happy to help and answer your questions. Call (520) 293-6800 to reach us at Tucson Mall or call (520) 748-0320 for Park Place Mall. Enjoy the summer and stay safe!

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