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The Only Advice You Need for Contacts and Allergies

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Contacts are meant to make your life easier. At times, glasses may get in the way so contact lenses are another option for daily wear. However, some factors may cause contacts to be more of a headache than help. Especially in the spring months, eye allergies make contact lenses a hassle. To avoid itchy, red and irritated eyes, this is the only advice you need for contacts and springtime eye allergies.

Always Carry Contact Solution

Springtime means allergens are floating freely throughout the air. During any time of year, it’s important to keep your contacts clean. When pollen and other allergens are at their highest, carry your contacts case and a small bottle of contact solution with you. Your contacts may need a quick rinse to give your eyes a clean and refreshing feeling.

For an even cleaner feeling, try daily use contact lenses. Your optometrist will supply you with enough lenses so you can wear a brand new pair every day. These contact lenses are disposable and helpful for those suffering from eye allergies.

Do Not Rub Your Eyes

This tip may be easier said than done, but do not rub your eyes if they feel irritated. Rubbing your eyes may give you temporary relief at first. Later on, you will get the urge to rub and itch even more. Rubbing already itchy eyes only makes the pain worse. Avoid touching your eyes at all during the spring. If you are putting your contacts in or taking them out, thoroughly wash your hands beforehand.

Visit Your Optometrist Before Spring Starts

If you know that you suffer from yearly eye allergies, schedule an appointment with your optometrist before the spring. It is recommended that you visit your optometrist once a year for a general eye exam. If you visit your optometrist toward the beginning of the year, they can prepare you for the spring months. Your optometrist may prescribe eye drops, new contacts or another form of relief before spring arrives.

Eye Allergies in Tucson, Arizona

In Tucson, pollen and ragweed are common during the spring. With the right prescription and eye care, you’ll enjoy the spring much more though. Dr. Steven Weisman is accepting new patients at Optical Image in Tucson, Arizona. We have two convenient locations at Tucson Mall and Park Place Mall to help you during allergy season. Visit us today for a walk-in appointment or call ahead to schedule your eye exam. For our office at Tucson Mall, call (520) 293-6800 or call (520) 748-0320 to reach our Park Place location.

Follow this advice and get excited for the spring. Visit us at Optical Image by Dr. Weisman for more advice or a new pair of sunglasses for springtime. Our representatives are happy to help and ready to serve Tucson, Arizona.

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