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Take Care of Your Contacts for Contact Lens Health Week

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention host Contact Lens Health Week every August. Contact Lens Health Week is an educational event and another way to celebrate National Eye Exam Month. If you take care of your contacts, your risk of eye infections and diseases decreases. So, when visiting your optometrist for a yearly eye exam, ask about the safest ways to care for your contact lenses. Here’s some easy advice to get you started with your contacts.

Clean Your Contact Lens Every Time

A clean pair of contacts is safer and more comfortable for your eyes. The only way to truly keep your contacts clean is by washing them every time you wear them. Wash your hands before handling your contacts. Use soap and water then fully dry your hands. This prevents germs from your hands spreading to the eyes and contacts. Once you remove the lenses from your eyes, start washing. Start a routine that works with your schedule so cleaning your contacts becomes a healthy habit.

Contact Solution is better than Water

Since keeping your contacts clean is a top priority, the contact solution will be your best friend. Contact solution disinfects and cleans your lenses. Water does not compare to a contact solution. In fact, water carries living bacteria that can eat away at your contacts and even your eyes. Water will not clean your contacts. Do not swim, shower or store your lenses in water.

Put Your Contacts Away at Night

After removing your contacts and washing them, store the lenses in a clean contact case. When you get ready for bed, this is a good time to wash your contacts. Incorporate contact care into your nightly routine. If you want to read or watch TV before bed, wear your glasses. You do not want to risk falling asleep with your contacts. Sleeping with your contacts leads to dry eyes, eye infections and faster wear-and-tear to the lens. Storing your contacts at night is safer for your eyes and lenses.

Tip: Replace your contact case at least once every three months. Four contact cases should last you the entire year.

Talk to Your Optometrist

Cleaning your lenses with contact solution and storing them at night are a few ways you can take care of your contacts. Some lenses need special care depending on your prescription. If there is specific advice for your contact lenses, your optometrist will explain. For example, Dr. Steven Weisman is an optician is Tucson, Arizona who sees patients every year for Contact Lens Health Week.

Dr. Weisman is accepting new patients for National Eye Exam Month so call the Tucson Mall or Park Place Mall to schedule an appointment. For appointments with Dr. Weisman at the Tucson Mall, call 520-293-6800 or call 520-748-0320 for an appointment time at Park Place Mall. Optical Image by Dr. Weisman has contacts, contact solution and contact cases available for any of our guests in Tucson, Arizona.

Happy National Eye Exam Month and Contact Lens Health Week!

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