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Celebrity Eyewear Campaigns for Spring 2021

Celebrities are up-to-date on the latest fashions and newest collections. That includes designer eyewear. Famous faces are often picked to be brand ambassadors. It’s very common to associate certain celebs with specific labels and designers. It’s beneficial for both parties since the public figure gets to model new eyewear and the company gets exposure. Follow along and check out which celebrities are teaming up with notable brands for spring 2021 eyewear campaigns…

Kendall Jenner for Versace Eyewear

Kendall Jenner is well known for her modeling, famous family and social media presence. For spring 2021, she is the face of Versace eyewear. The spring-summer 2021 collection includes oversized frames each adorned with the Medusa logo. Some of the styles worn by Jenner are cat-eye, large square and pilot silhouette. Check out Jenner in these bold frames or other eyewear that Versace describes as “everyday elegance.”

Kendall Jenner for Versace
Photo courtesy of Versace

Francisco Lindor for Oakley

It’s no secret that Oakley brings in top athletes to model their eyewear. Football players, baseball players and even Olympians can be seen in their campaigns. This season, Oakley and the New York Mets both welcome Francisco Lindor to their teams. Look for Lindor as he takes the field with these sports glasses. Not only do the lenses catch your attention, but the technology gives athletes an extra boost when they hit the field. Oakley eyewear truly combines performance and style.

Francisco Lindor for Oakley
Photo courtesy of Oakley

Adam Driver and Lady Gaga for Gucci

Gucci has no problem finding celebrities to show off their upcoming designs. Count on this brand to always have unique eyewear. Starting spring 2021, Gucci is now in the spotlight for a new movie. “House of Gucci” stars Adam Driver, Lady Gaga and more familiar faces. Even though Driver and Gaga are not officially part of the spring-summer campaign, their names are closely tied to Gucci this year. The film is set for release in November 2021. Driver and Gaga can be seen in ‘80s eyewear and attire as they begin filming this spring.

"House of Gucci" set with Adam Driver and Lady Gaga
Photo courtesy of Lady Gaga

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