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Can Anyone Wear Colored Contacts?

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

If you wear contacts or glasses, you know that these are clear lenses that improve your vision and help you see. Sunglasses come in all types of shades and gradients to protect your eyes, but what about colored contacts? Instead of a clear thin disc, decorative contacts are lenses with unlimited patterns and color combinations. The most important part of colored contacts is the safety of your eyes. So, before purchasing a pair of these fun lenses, ask yourself if colored contacts are right for you. Here’s some more information to help you decide…

Adding a Prescription to Your Decorative Lenses

There are several reasons why people wear colored contacts. One of the most popular times of year is Halloween. People can choose any kind of character or theme and match their costume with a pair of colored contacts. Other occasions include theater arts or daily wear. When choosing your lenses, always check that the vendor has FDA approval.

The main use of contact lenses is to correct your vision. So, when adding your prescription to a pair of colored contacts, you want to go with someone you can trust. When you purchase your decorative lenses through a trusted vendor, you are protecting your eyes and your vision.

Special Care for Colored Contact Lenses

Even though there is a small ring of color that makes these lenses special, they are no different than typical contact lenses. Contacts carry bacteria and germs if you do not care for them properly. A one-time use does not mean you can ignore warning labels or special instructions. Use contact solution when storing your lenses and putting them in your eyes. It’s important to also check the expiration date for colored lenses. Every pair of contacts, even novelty lenses, has an expiration date.

Always follow the instructions that come with your contacts. Talk to your optometrist for specialist advice if you are a first-time wearer or concerned about the following…

  • Allergies

  • Blindness

  • Dry eyes

  • Eye infections

  • Eye irritation

  • Prescription lenses

Colored Contacts in Tucson, Arizona

Visit your optometrist if you want to learn more about decorative lenses or wearing contacts. Optical Image by Dr. Weisman offers you a full experience when visiting our boutiques in Tucson, Arizona. Start your visit with Dr. Steven Weisman to discuss your prescription or any eye irritations.

Next, choose your contact lenses and a pair of backup glasses, just in case. Our representatives are always available to answer your questions at the Tucson Mall or Park Place Mall. Stop by today or call 520-293-6800 to reach Optical Image at the Tucson Mall or 520-748-0320 for Optical Image at the Park Place Mall.

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