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How to Brighten Your Wardrobe this Spring

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Springtime gives you a fresh start. The weather gets nicer, the days get longer and it’s time to try something new. Replace your winter wear with bright colors and formfitting clothes. You can also mix and match new accessories into your style. So, if you’re looking for something to help your wardrobe pop for the spring, try these hot looks…

Shine in Bright Colors and Patterns

During the fall and winter, this is when you see more earthy tones and darker colors. The spring brings in more of a softer side of the color wheel. Experiment with bright colors, pastels and fun patterns. Apply this to your clothing and accessories too. For example, try a lightweight scarf with a floral print or even a pair of sunglasses with a lighter color.

Your black glasses or tortoiseshell frames are classic looks, but spring is the time to test new fashions. Incorporate something new into your wardrobe as the weather changes. You want your look to change with the seasons and latest trends.

Let Your Jewelry Sparkle

Another accessory that takes your look to the next level is jewelry. Jewelry goes with every look because chains and gems are so versatile. Even men have their own preferences when it comes to jewelry. Try pendant necklaces, drop earrings and charm bracelets for a fresh look. In fact, your eyewear can have a little sparkle to it too.

Some designers use precious metals when creating their frames. Lindberg eyewear is a well-known brand that uses metals like gold and titanium for their eyeglasses. Other accents that give your glasses a shine are diamonds and crystals. Look for multicolor stones or even Swarovski crystals when trying new glasses for the spring.

Wear it with Confidence

Someone has to be a trendsetter and influence the newest styles. So, whatever you decide to wear this spring, wear it with confidence. Craft your wardrobe with new fads and your all-time favorites. If you need inspiration, check out fashion bloggers on social media or skim through any fashion magazine. Our boutiques are open every day if you want to catch up on what’s trending in eyewear.

Optical Image by Dr. Weisman

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Spring is in the air so get creative and try something new. Enjoy the spring and be bold with what you wear. You may even start a new trend!

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