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Be Bold with the Bocca Collection by FACE A FACE

Photo courtesy of FACE A FACE

FACE A FACE, a brand known for their artistic style, goes the extra mile with the Bocca Collection. This eyewear collection combines color, light and curves to create an art-inspired frame. The range of colors and leggy detail of these glasses pay tribute to femininity. Those looking for decorative sunglasses or optical may consider the Bocca Collection or other eyewear from FACE A FACE.

Shake a Leg for the Bocca Collection

In addition to the colorful frames and curvy design, glasses from the Bocca Collection get a leg up from any other selection. Notice the temple tips of the glasses. The tips that rest behind the ears resemble a pair of legs with heels. This fun accent compliments the shape of the lens, but is subtle enough for daily wear. Every element of the glasses is given care and detail by hand. Even though FACE A FACE was created in Paris, France, their eyewear is handcrafted in several countries like Italy and Japan.

Photo courtesy of FACE A FACE

Modern Eyewear from FACE A FACE

The Bocca Collection shows off a fresh twist that is not commonly found with other optical or sunglass collections. Since 1995, FACE A FACE strives for a modern flair when designing their frames. Pascal Jaulent and Nadine Roth founded FACE A FACE with the idea to always stand out. This brand of eyewear plays with geometric shapes and architecture to create wearable art. Some styles from FACE A FACE also include transparent materials that add another artful layer. Examples of transparent frames can be found in the Bocca Collection, Meyer Collection and others.

Jaulent is influential in the design room so every model displays the FACE A FACE spirit. He is also innovating and creating more eyewear for the Design Eyewear Group. FACE A FACE and other brands are part of the Design Eyewear Group.

Find FACE A FACE at Optical Image by Dr. Weisman

This Parisian brand is available in Tucson, Arizona. Optical Image by Dr. Weisman serves Tucson with luxury eyewear like FACE A FACE. Explore the Bocca Collection and more from this label. Our team is available every day to answer your questions. We also accept walk-in appointment for routine eye exams. If you’d like to learn more about our services, call the Tucson Mall boutique at (520) 293-6800 or call (520) 748-0320 for our office at Park Place Mall.

Follow FACE A FACE as they add more to the Bocca Collection. Look for sculptural frames and artsy designs from this evolving eyewear company.

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