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3 Reasons Why You Should Use Your FSA for Eyecare

Take advantage of your Flexible Spending Account before the new year. There are several items and services eligible for FSA funds. Even glasses and eye exams qualify for flex accounts. Since now is the time to use your remaining dollars, consider your eye health. You may be due for a new prescription, pair of glasses or other eye accessories.

1. Use It or Lose It

Keep in mind, Flexible Spending Accounts will expire. These accounts last during the benefit year then start over. Any excess funds in your FSA will dissolve. Money does not roll over to the next year. Use the rest of your flex account during November and December. To get full use of your FSA, be proactive and spend your money wisely. Remember, use it or lose it!

2. Get Your Eyes Ready for the New Year

Save yourself out-of-pocket costs and use your FSA for eyecare services. You, your spouse and your children can benefit from this account. Go into the new year or benefit year with a fresh prescription for your eyes. The eye exam is FSA eligible along with glasses and contacts. Certain products and accessories also qualify. Stock up on contact solution, lens cleaner, cases and other eyecare items.

3. Try New Frames or Contacts

If you used your FSA earlier in the year for an eye exam or glasses, try something new! Use your flex account money for extra frames or anything you want to try for the first time. Maybe this is the year you wear contact lenses or prescription sunglasses. Instead of letting your FSA dollars disappear, use them for your benefit. Your balance starts over so go for something different before the year ends.

Eyecare in Tucson, Arizona

If you have questions about your FSA and eyecare that qualifies, contact Optical Image by Dr. Weisman. We are your local boutique for luxury eyewear and expert eye exams. Dr. Wesiman has been serving Tucson, Arizona since 1982. Both our offices are accepting new patients. Call us at Tucson Mall, (520) 293-6800, or Park Place Mall, (520) 748-0320. Flexible Saving Accounts are for your benefit so start spending!

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