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3 Reasons Why Your Valentine Will Love a New Pair of Glasses

Valentine’s Day is near and it’s time to start shopping. Don’t let this fun holiday overwhelm you with stress or worry. Look forward to a day full of love and romance. For both men and women, even though Valentine’s Day is dedicated to love, sometimes gift-giving gets complicated. Stop to smell the roses and give a lovely gift to your sweetheart. Here are three reasons why your mate will love a new pair of glasses…

3 reasons valentine love new glasses

1: Every Style Needs Sunglasses

Glasses are an ideal gift for anyone. Whether it’s your husband, wife, best friend or crush, everyone wears sunglasses. Find a brand-new frame ready for spring or something more personal. If you can’t find the right pair for your valentine, keep looking. There are shelves full of designer eyewear. Any aesthetic would appreciate a pair of glasses similar to their style.

2: Find Matching Eyewear Accessories

A gift can keep on giving even when Valentine’s Day is over. There are plenty of accessories to match with sunglasses. Feel free to add on now for Valentine’s Day or save for future gift ideas. Some accessories are practical like a new glasses case or lens cleaner. Other accessories are more fun and for fashion such as a glasses chain or clip-on lenses. Consider if your valentine appreciates additional features or all they need are the essentials.

3: Start a Glasses Collection or Add a New Pair

With or without the accessories, an eyewear collection starts with one pair of glasses. This gift can inspire your valentine or contribute to their wardrobe. Maybe this is their first pair of designer eyewear. Make it a special moment with a card and a sweet message. If there are uncertainties with the style or fit of the glasses, ask for a gift receipt when shopping. A store associate can help your valentine with any questions or concerns.

Valentine’s Day in Tucson, Arizona

For the latest styles and most popular eyewear brands, visit Optical Image by Dr. Weisman. We are located in Tucson, Arizona at two mall locations. Both our boutiques are fully stocked for Valentine’s Day. We carry a wide range of designers and frames. Visit us at the Tucson Mall or call (520) 293-6800. We are also available at Park Place Mall, (520) 748-0320. Remember, it’s the thought that counts so make this Valentine’s Day memorable.